Tickets Tulip Season 2021

Thank you for your interest in tickets for tulip season 2021. Unfortunately, all activities during Tulip Festival were canceled because of the worldwide corona virus (COVID-19). We hope everyone enjoyed the many photos and videos of the tulips in Holland. We also hope you all can join tulip season 2021 in good health.

In 2021 the flower season will start on Saturday 20 March and it will end on Sunday 9 May 2021. The Flower Parade will be held on Saturday 17 April 2021.

Most hotels already accept bookings for 2021 season so if you want to stay in a specific hotel make sure to book your hotel in time. Tips for the best hotels for visiting the tulip fields near Amsterdam.

Availability of tickets for Tulip Festival 2021

Keukenhof tickets for the 2021 season will have a date and arrival time slot. You can choose your date and time slot for arrival when you order your tickets. Most tickets for activities during Tulip Festival 2021 will become available around October 2020.

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