LisseCard flower tour

LisseCard 2018 – The tourist card for the flower region in Holland

With the LisseCard you will have access to Keukenhof Gardens and Museum De Zwarte Tulp, the unique Flower Tour, visit a tulip farm, castles and churches and many more…

Lissecard tourist discount card

Includes: Flower Tour

The Flower Tour lets you enjoy the flower region at it’s fullest. You can cycle the tour by yourself in about 1 hour (10 miles). There is an free audiotour that tells you the story of the region and the tulip. You have the change to see the unique Castles and the Keukenhof forest. You will also get great discounts at restaurants and shops around the route. The Flower Tour with audiotour is free with the LisseCard. You will also get a voucher for a nice souvenir booklet of the Flower Tour.

Includes: Keukenhof Gardens

Most popular attractions in Spring is Keukenhof Gardens. Located in the middle of the flower region the park attracts more than 1 million people every Spring. And that’s in only 8 weeks. Entrance to Keukenhof is free with the LisseCard.

Includes: Museum De Zwarte Tulp

Do you want to know more about the flower region? Then you have to visit Museum De Zwarte Tulp. Located in the centre of flower town Lisse it’s the perfect place to learn more about the region and the flowers. Entrance to the museum is free with the LisseCard.

Optional: Rental bike at Keukenhof

If you don’t have a bike available you can select the LisseCard + Rental bike option. This way you can pick up your rental bike at the entrance of Keukenhof garden (before 12:00).

Optional: Public Transport to Keukenhof

Do you also need public transport from Amsterdam, Schiphol, Haarlem or Leiden? You can select the public transport option at the ticketshop.

Whats included:

  • Entrance Keukenhof Gardens
  • Entrance Museum De Zwarte Tulp
  • Flower Tour incl. free audiotour and souvenir booklet
  • Discount coupons for lunch, diner and shopping at flower town Lisse
  • Free entrance to estates Keukenhof, Keukenhof forest, tulip farm De Tulperij, Castle Dever and St. Agatha Church.
  • Optional: Bike Rental at Keukenhof and Public Transport

Prices LisseCard

There are different options for the LisseCard including a rental bike and/or public transport to Keukenhof from the main cities around Keukenhof.


LisseCard + rental bike at Keukenhof

LisseCard + rental bike + public transport from Schiphol, Haarlem or Leiden

LisseCard + rental bike + public transport from Amsterdam