Keukenhof 2019 tickets

Keukenhof tickets for 2019 season are available now

On Thursday March 21 Keukenhof Gardens will open the doors for the 2019 spring season. More than 7 million tulips and other flowers will color the Keukenhof park near Amsterdam. The flower garden will be open for 60 days in 2019 and will close the doors at 8:00 PM on May 19 2019. 

Theme 2019: Flower Power

Keukenhof theme 2019: Flower Power

It promises to be a beautiful year with many beautiful colorful flowers. It is clear that every opening day of Keukenhof in 2019 will be great. The theme for 2019 will be Flower Power. 

Keukenhof events 2019

There are some extra events being planned during 2019 opening. 

Keukenhof 2019 tickets

We get a lot of questions about the availability of Keukenhof tickets for the 2019 season. We are happy to tell you that the Keukenhof tickets for 2019 are available online in our webshop.

Prices Keukenhof 2019

When you order your Keukenhof ticket now you pay the same price of 2018 tickets. 

If you need to travel to Keukenhof you can buy a Keukenhof ticket including a transfer with the Keukenhof Express bus (public transport). The Keukenhof Express departs from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Haarlem and Leiden.

When to visit Keukenhof in 2019

Another question we get very often is when is the best time to visit Keukenhof in the Netherlands in 2019. But like every year it is difficult to predict when Keukenhof is at its best. However, we can give an indication of the flowers that bloom per period. When a period comes, it depends on the weather conditions.

First period – From the opening the park will have blooming flowers. There are some great indoor flower shows with many blooming tulips. Outside there are daffodils and crocuses.

Second period – After the Daffodils and crocuses it’s time for the hyacinths and the early tulips to bloom in the outdoor gardens.

Third period – In the last period the tulips will bloom in the outdoor gardens.

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