helikopter flight flower fields

Helicopter flight above the Keukenhof flower fields near Amsterdam

The helicopter will fly every Saturday in April 2019. It’s your unique change to fly above the flowers in Holland and see the colored flower fields form a birds eye view. It is the ultimate sightseeing experience during spring in Holland. 

Due to the high demand, an extra flight day is available on Sunday 21 April

Sightseeing like a VIP

This spectacular experience is available every Saturday in April 2019. The helicopter will depart from a location close to Keukenhof Gardens in the middle of the flower fields. There is a limited amount of flights and seat so book on time!

Flight dates near Keukenhof 2019

The helicopter sightseeing flights will be available on the following Saturdays in April:

  • 6th of April 2019
  • 13th of April 2019 (Flower Parade Day)
  • 20th of April 2019 (Easter weekend)
  • 21th of April 2019 (extra flightday in Easter weekend)
  • 27th of April 2019 (Kingsday)

Departure time: You will receive the confirmation of your exact departure time 1 day before the departure. Do you have a preference time send us a message via our contract page after booking your flight.

Book your helicopter flight or tour

If you want to experience this sightseeing of the flower fields you can choose from the following two options:

1. Helicopter Flight Only

You can book the Helicopter Flight Only option if you can arrange transport to the helicopter location yourself. It is advisable to go to the helicopter location with a car or Keukenhof Rental Bike. The flight location is close to Keukenhof Gardens but usually poorly accessible by public transport. It’s also possible to go to the location with a taxi.

This price for the Helicopter Flight only:

10 minutes flight€ 109,00Book your flight
15 minutes flight€ 145,00Book your flight
30 minutes private flight€ 1161,00Book your flight

2. Helicopter Tour including busticket, rental bike and Keukenhof Gardens entrance

This unique tour includes a 10 minute sightseeing flight above the colorful flower fields around Keukenhof Gardens. You will also see the beautiful Dutch beach and dunes. The tour includes a return ticket by public transport (Keukenhof bus) from Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Leiden of Haarlem to Lisse, bike rental (valid for the entire day) to explore the flower fields around Keukenhof and to bike to the departure point of the helicopter flight (short distance). And you will get an entrance ticket to Keukenhof Gardens (valid on the day you want to visit Keukenhof).

The price for the Helicopter Tour

Adults€ 159,00Book your tour
Kids (4 till 11 years)€ 147,00Book your tour

How to book your flight?

Enjoy the fascinating views of the flower fields! Again there are limited tickets available every Saturday so book your flight or tour in time! You can book on our online ticketshop

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