Keukenhof Express bus combi tickets

Keukenhof Bus Timetable 2021

The best way to visit Keukenhof Gardens is by taking the Keukenhof bus to the flower park. The express bus makes traveling to the flower garden very easy from cities like: Amsterdam, Schiphol, Haarlem, Leiden and Hoofddorp.

Timetable Keukenhof Bus 852 | RAI Station Amsterdam – Keukenhof

Traveling from Amsterdam Center to Keukenhof is easier in 2021 with the Keukenhof Bus 852 leaving from RAI Station. Check out information about how to get to RAI Station.

Timetable Keukenhof Bus 859 | Hoofddorp Station – Keukenhof

Timetable Keukenhof Bus 50 | Haarlem – Keukenhof

Timetable Keukenhof Bus 858 | Schiphol Airport – Keukenhof

Timetable Keukenhof Bus 854 | Leiden Station – Keukenhof

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