Bicycling In Tulip Fields

Discover the flower fields around Amsterdam with a bicycle.

The Netherlands is the number one destination for cyclist. The roads are perfect for riding a bike and you will get the best views from a bicycle.

There are more bicycles in Holland than there are people. Everyone in Holland learns how to ride a bike and there are very good bicycle lane’s in the roads infrastructure. When you want to enjoy the flower fields near Amsterdam at the fullest we recommend to rent a bicycle and explore the surroundings the dutch way and in your own pace.

Please respect the rules on the flower farms.

Easy routing with bicycle network

flower route bicycle tulip fields

The flower region near Amsterdam has a really simple cycling network. You cycle a route by following the signs from one numbered junction point to the next. This cycling junction system makes it really simple to follow a route. We are currently developing some great routes. Subscribe to our free newsletter and we will keep you updated.

Rent a Bike at the flower fields near Keukenhof

Do you need to rent a bike then there are various options. You can rent a bike at Keukenhof Tulip Garden. At the parking area there is a bike rental point where you can rent bicycles. There is a limited amount of bikes available. Book your rental bike in advance to avoid a long waiting time at Keukenhof.

You can book a bicycle in advance at our ticketshop. The prices are:

The best bicycle route for seeing blooming flower fields

When you are planning to ride a bike for seeing blooming flower fields it’s best to keep a close eye on our blooming reports. We will give a weekly report from the begin of March 2018. Sign up for our free newsletter. And get the latest information the first.