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Wanna enjoy Keukenhof Spring garden in 2019? Please make sure to buy your Keukenhof ticket online. You also can choose to buy a combi ticket with transport to the Tulip Garden.

When you buy your ticket online you can skip the line. Buy your ticket in our ticketshop.

Keukenhof is closed for 2018 and will open on March 21 2019. Ticket will be available at the end of 2018

Prices Keukenhof tickets season 2018 (prices for 2019 season are available in the end of 2018)

  • Adults Online Skip the line ticket € 18,00 (Buy now)
  • Childeren from 4 till 11 years € 8,00 (Buy now)
  • Childeren up to 3 years Free entrance
  • Car parking € 6,00 (Buy now)

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